Spanish classes in Falmouth 2016 – 2017

Spanish in Falmouth with Cornwall Adult Education

There is still time  …just…  to sign up for Spanish courses in Falmouth starting this September.

Why learn Spanish? The map below shows all the countries in the world where Spanish is the official or co-official language. Spanish can take you places!

map showing coutries with Spanish as an official language

Spanish for Beginners, Thursdays 4 – 6 pm, starting 22 September 2016


Spanish for Improvers, Thursdays 10 – 12 am starting 22 September 2016 Enrol

This is the follow on to the Beginners course. If you have been learning Spanish for a year or so and are comfortable with the basics of introducing yourself and talking about your family, work, home, likes and dislikes, this course may be for you.

Spanish for Intermediates Thursdays 1 – 3 pm starting 22 September 2016 Enrol

In this class we will cover a range of topics and grammar points, including the different past and future tenses. We will look at authentic written texts and discuss a variety of topics in Spanish.

GCSE Spanish, Tuesdays 6 – 9 pm, starting 20 September 2016

If you are keen to gain a qualification in Spanish, and already have two or more years of learning the language you could join our GCSE course. You must be prepared to put in a lot of work at home as there are at least two speaking and two writing assessments to prepare for as well as the final listening and speaking exams. We will follow the AQA exam board’s syllabus. Acceptance on the course is subject to a phone interview and written assessment, to ensure you will be able to complete the GCSE successfully in 8 months.

Sign up now!

Time is running out, so if you would like to sign up for any of these courses, please contact Cornwall Adult Education Service on 0300 1231 117. Alternatively, visit their website to enrol online,

Spanish in Falmouth with Cornwall Adult Education

WANTED: new students!

Do you already  know some of the basics of Spanish but want to get to grips with putting sentences and questions together for yourself? If so our Spanish courses in Falmouth might be for you. Our friendly Spanish groups at Falmouth and Penryn Adult Education are looking for new members for the summer term.

Spanish for Beginners Part 3 (Thursdays 10 – 12)

This class started in September 2015 and we have covered the basics such as introducing yourself, talking about family and friends, checking into a hotel, understanding descriptions of holiday apartments on sites such as Airbnb, ordering drinks and meals in a Spanish restaurant, asking what’s in a Spanish dish and lots more. We have just started tackling the verb endings in the present tense and we will be practising using them this term. So if you know enough to order a beer, ask where the station is and introduce yourself, this group might be for you. We’ll also be reviewing and reusing what we’ve learnt in the course so far, so if you’re worried that you’ve missed something – don’t be!

Spanish for Improvers Part 3 (Thursdays 1 – 3)

This class also started in September and is a mixed level group, over the last year we have looked at the topics of food, film, environmental problems, holiday accommodation and transport and more. We have also been tackling various tenses in Spanish so that we can talk about the past, present and future. Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating though, Term 3 will involve a recap of some of the basics and plenty of opportunities for practising using the grammar in supportive speaking activities.

When, where and how to sign up 

If you’re interested please sign up as soon as possible with Cornwall Adult Education Service, either online or by phoning 0300 1231 117 or by emailing

Both classes start on April 21st 2016  and run for 10 weeks with a break for half term (Thursday 2nd May). Price is £100 or £54 for concessions.

We look forward to welcoming you in our friendly classes!